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SEPTEMBER 13TH - 15TH  2015


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Jam-packed with actionable & exciting content by expert speakers, CTA Conf will make you jump out of your seat and implement what you've learned the next day. You can expect actionable & entertaining keynotes, panels and discussions focused around conversion optimization, landing page campaigns, copywriting, email marketing, ppc, design and a/b testing.

Flashback to CTAConf 2014

We’re bringing together the sharpest minds when it comes to landing pages, conversion optimization, growth, testing, ppc, email, copywriting & design. You'll learn from the best marketing speakers from around the world, all in one place.

Dana DiTomaso

Partner, Kick Point

Colin Nederkoorn

Founder & CEO,

Joanna Wiebe

Creator, Copyhackers

Amy Harrison

Founder, Harrisonamy Copywriting

Oli Gardner

Co-Founder, Unbounce

Michael Aagaard

Founder, ContentVerve 

Mike King

Founder & Digital Marketing Consultant, iPullRank


Joanna Lord

VP Marketing, Porch


Wil Reynolds

Founder, SEER

Henneke Duistermaat

Founder, Enchanting Marketing

Demian Farnworth

Chief Copywriter, Copyblogger

Bart Schutz

Chief Psychology Officer,
Online Dialogue



Tim Ash

CEO, SiteTuners

Craig Sullivan

Optimiser in Chief, 
Optimal Visit

Peep Laja

Founder, ConversionXL & Markitekt

Ryan Engley

Director of Customer Success, Unbounce

Ton Wesseling

CEO, Testing.Agency

Chris Hexton

Co-Founder, Vero

Talia Wolf

Founder & CEO, Conversioner

Rick Perreault

CEO, Unbounce

Justine Jordan

Marketing Director,Litmus



Last year was truly amazing. And this year, we’re going to do it again… except bigger and better. 

Tickets include two full days of speaker presentations, panels & discussions with a light breakfast, hearty lunch & plenty of after parties.

Experience Granville Island. An island in the middle of a city.

An urban oasis, Granville island has a vibrant arts community and a kitschy, eclectic atmosphere. We’re so excited to host this years conference in one of the most beautiful spots in the city.

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Our arranged, discounted rates and rooms at the Granville Island Hotel are fully booked.  We’ve arranged a limited amount of discounted hotel rates for the more budget conscious at the Ramada Vancouver Downtown for $149 a night. It’s a 15min walk (with water taxi) or 10min drive to the CTA Conference HQ on Granville Island.



Coming from out of town? If you’ve booked a ticket to Vancouver International Airport the best way to get Granville Island is by cab. If you’re looking to use public transport, reference this comprehensive guide
Parking , there are 5 paid parking lots on Granville Island and you can take a look at the map. Lot 1 is closest to the Theatre.  


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One-track and action-packed.
Sessions from some of the best and brightest minds in the world of conversion rate optimization and online marketing. Don't expect a standard conference here. There will be creative surprises and a ton of non-stuffy networking opportunities.

Sunday, Sept. 13th

Vancouver Extra-curricular Activities

We’re hosting an optional Sunday Funday with activities to boot. Whether you're from Vancouver or out of town, get to know speakers, attendees and Team Unbounce in a more casual, fun way. Beer tours, bungee jumping & more!

Welcome Reception & Early Registration

6 pm at Unbounce World Headquarters 717 West Pender - Suite 200

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September 14th

Talks, Panels & Discussions

8:30 am at Granville Island Stage
1585 Johnston Street, Vancouver

Unbounce Ahoy! Afterparty

7 pm on a boat
More Details Coming Soon

Talks, Panels & Discussions

8:30 am at Granville Island Stage
1585 Johnston Street, Vancouver
More Details Coming Soon

Let’s Celebrate Everything You’ve Learned The Ultimate CTAConf Wrap Up Party


September 15th

Monday, September 14thTuesday, September 15th

Breakfast & Registration

8:00 am

Welcoming & Opening Remarks

Rick Perreault, CEO Unbounce

9:00 am

9:15 am

Frankenpage: Using A Million Pieces of Data to Reverse Engineer the Perfect Landing Page

Theory and principles are essential to guide how we design our campaign experiences. But, if they aren’t backed up by data, our decision making powers are missing a critical piece of the conversion equation.

In this unique session Oli will share conversion data stories that have never been seen publicly before

Mining through a million data points to uncover how conversion actually works, Oli will channel lightning bolts and body parts as he sews together the ultimate landing page.

Oli Gardner

10:00 am

Dana DiTomaso

Brand-Infused PPC For Better Results

Who's excited about AdWords? crickets..... 

Well, get excited because you're going to learn how to write ads that really stand out. Why should landing pages get all the CRO love, when you could cut costs and improve position when you use ad copy with personality?

Learn how to find your brand voice and use it in your PPC campaigns to drive the right audience at the right time. Dana will show you how your brand voice can enhance your paid campaigns, and teach you how to extend that into your landing pages and beyond. Walk away a stronger marketer, ready to use every character Google "gifts" you.

11:05 am

Bart Schutz

Persuasive & Perverse Psychology: How to Win Customers and Influence People

We are brains. And your brain is in the business of separating consumer brains from their money. As peculiar as it sounds, the better you know how to influence their cortical proteins and fats, the higher your conversion rate will be. In this session, Bart will spoil you with mind blowing, scientific insights about your brain. He will deep dive into the most effective online persuasion techniques, backing his arguments with revenue and profit boosting cases.

10:45 am


12:35 pm


2:45 pm

Talia Wolf

Pulling the Emotional Trigger: Psychological Tactics to Convert Your Leads into Customers

You know your family pretty well, right? How about your customers – do you know them? Like, *really* know them?

Understanding your customers, and what drives them emotionally and psychologically is important to increase your conversion rates. Talia will teach you how to tap into your customers' story by using emotional triggers.

Find out why you should stop testing elements and start leveraging psychology and emotions to better communicate and convert.

3:30 pm


3:50 - 4:35 pm

Joanna Wiebe, Demian Farnworth, Amy Harrison & Henneke Duistermaat

4 Impossible-to-Please Copywriters Teardown and Rewrite Your Headlines Live.

Ever wanted to know how the pros write landing page copy that converts? Four of the best brains in the copywriting business diagnosis and solve four common copy problems -- live, under-the-gun, and unfiltered.

This will be a clinic on conversion copywriting you won't see anywhere else, including a live assessment of your landing page copy.

Expect brutally honest critiques, pierced egos – and most importantly – actionable tips to help you write copy that sells. Bring your moleskin and HB pencil to take notes in this hour of copywriting with the conversion pros.

7:00 pm

Unbounce Ahoy!

Bust out your sailor hats and stripes because this after party is on a boat! All aboard the Queen of Diamonds. We’ll cruise around beautiful Vancouver departing from CTAConf HQ - Granville Island. Enjoy some conversation, drinks and food with the fresh West Coast air on your face. 

2:00 pm

Craig Sullivan, Peep Laja & Ton Wesseling Moderator: Michael Aagaard

The Most Advanced Testing Panel. Ever.

Imagine four of the world’s best CRO pros. All on one panel. Talking serious testing business. How mind-blowing that would be? These gentlemen have ran more tests than you can even imagine. You’ll walk away with a solid understanding about how to run tests with accuracy.

You’ll learn every step of the testing process - from test ideation, running the test (sample sizes, duration, QA, mistakes, types of tests, testing strategies) and then come full circle to learn how you can learn from your tests.

11:50 am

Michael Aagaard

How to Conduct Solid, Data-Driven Conversion Research

Understanding your audience, identifying critical leaks and finding potential fixes are the most difficult and arguably the most important steps in your CRO Process. In this practical session Michael will give you the insight, techniques and tools you need to pinpoint your landing page weak points and build winning optimzation hypothesis that will actually move the needle. 

Breakfast & Registration

8:15 am

Trick or Treat, the Choice is Yours

Wil Reynolds

9:15 am

Are your tests delightful or deceitful? What would your customer say? Successful CRO isn't just about getting the person to the next step in the funnel, it’s about understanding the entire customer journey and inserting yourself in other divisions to bring conversion thinking (or what I call an optimizer mindset) to an entire organization. We all are more likely to convert on brands we recognize and trust so is there something to be said for Brand as CRO? Are your tests building trust? While I am not a CRO professional, I am a manic about focusing on the customer journey, treating (not tricking) our customers, and getting people to look at the multiple touch points that create loyalty.

10:00 am

Joanna Wiebe

Death to Fear And Laziness! How to Push Yourself to Write Sticky Landing Page Copy

Find yourself falling into old habits when you're writing? Get out of your copy rut. Stop being a slave to the template. And start writing really sticky copy that actually helps you grow your business. CTAConf’s audience favourite is back. Joanna will take her talk from last year and give you part II. You’ll learn why it's not just important but business critical to use a little oomph - or personality - aka tone and voice - in your copy.

11:05 am

A Framework For Mobile Conversion

The year of mobile has already happened, and you are late to the party. In the rush to catch up, you have probably retrofitted "mobileness" belatedly onto some of your desktop experiences. Unfortunately this approach will most likely fail. Understand the pitfalls of going mobile, and why it is a fundamentally different proposition than a desktop user-experience. Tim will teach you a number of important perspectives on creating a compelling mobile conversion strategy. 

Tim Ash

The Best Speaker From Conversion Road Trip

The Unbounce Conversion Road Trip is a 4-city event series taking place in June. From over 30 seasoned speakers and marketing experts, the highest rated speaker will get this spot.

This session will be announced in late June. 

11:00 am


12:35 pm


2:05 pm

Joanna Lord

How Can You Foster a Better Culture Around Optimization?

You tell your team that you want to run a test to improve your marketing campaign. They give you a cautious glance and ask you to create a proposal on why this will help. Here we go, *sigh*. How do you convince someone that optimization is worth the time and investment?

Joanna will teach you how to foster a data-driven organization, keep the process manageable and include others to build excitement around optimization and testing.

2:50 pm

Colin Nederkoorn, Chris Hexton & Justine Jordan

Full Stack Panel: Send Emails That Actually Convert

Channels come and go, but in the last 15 years nothing has replaced, displaced, or outpaced email as one of the most effective means to engage your customers. In this session Colin, Chris, and Justine will show you how to put your customers first when developing your email marketing strategy and create marketing that drives product engagement and revenue.

See how email can be fun, engaging and an extremely powerful conversion tool that powers all other aspects of your marketing and business.

3:35 pm


4:40 pm

Talia Wolf, Oli Gardner, Peep Laja & Craig Sullivan

Page Fights Live! CTAConf Edition

You've never seen landing pages critiqued like this. There will be music, prizes, brutal honesty, foul language, and gallons of blood spilled. The best part? We're talking about your landing pages. Be there, be scared, and be prepared to end the day with sore vocal chords.

7:00 pm

The After Party

This isn't just an after party. It's THE after party. It will be legendary, mark my words. Expect creative and fun bar games, a/b testing beverages, plenty of selfies, lip sync contests, prizes, surprises, and so much more.

3:55 pm

Mike King

How To Generate Those Leads All Day, Everyday

A steady stream of leads is an essential component of keeping a business afloat – but coming up with original and effective ways to attract and convert qualified leads is easier said than done. Michael will talk about not-so-obvious, not-so-beginner ways you can generate leads more effectively.

Learn how page speed, persona development, your CRM and mobile all factor into your overall lead gen strategy. Your leads are only as good as the landing page that produces them. Michael will show you how to generate more leads and then how to better convert them.

Monday, Sept. 14th

Tuesday, Sept. 15th

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